Let Other People Sell The Products

License someone else to sell your products and services.  This is another often missed money spoke.  MySmallBiz Map contains sections on Persuasion, Market Research and Testing and Tracking.   When you license one of your existing proven products you dramatically reduce the amount of research, testing and tracking other entrepreneurs have to do when they are getting started.

Earn a royalty fee on every sale other business owners make selling your information, tactics and processes…. after that product or service has a proven track record.

Other will pay for your work.   Your research is the track record, not the potential for the product.  This is a shortcut to profits that can be used in any Information Product business.

About James

James Maduk is the founder of FullContactSites.com as well as the author of the 62 Best Selling "Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing" ebooks. James also Created the FullContact Campus and FullContact Blueprint a WordPress Powered elearning Portal that teaches Authors, Coaches, Speakers and Experts how to Sell and Deliver Their Courses Online.

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