How To Get Local Traffic From Major Search Engines

How To Get Local Taffic From Major Search Engines

Running Time: 11 Minutes

How do I get a great Google Ranking when I only want traffic from visitors in my city, town or suburb? It’s a question I”m often asked so I decided to add this short visit to the Get Ranked First On Google Course to answer it.

Description: I”m hoping that you’ve already optimized your site for google using the Site Mesh and Google Gate techniques outlined in Get Ranked First On Google. Now it’s time to fine tune your site so that you ALSO attract targeted local traffic.

If you haven’t done any work on getting your site ready for Google this video won’t help you, I’m assuming that you have found the keywords and phrases that your target market is using to search for what you already offer. What’ different here is that we want to additionall optimize the site so that local searchers will see your listings first. This video will show you some special tips you can use to get real tageted traffic.

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